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Pneumatic conveying system increases energy efficiency of production lines
NTE Process

Italian company NTE Process is exhibiting its latest dense phase pneumatic conveying system with Air Assist at Tire Technology Expo 2022.

The NTE Process dense phase pneumatic conveying system with Air Assist technology uses a reduced amount of compressed air to convey large quantities of raw materials needed for tire production such as carbon black and silica. Strategically located along the pipeline, air is injected to convey regular slugs of product. Depending on the facility, the materials are moved from rails, bags or tracks into storage silos at the beginning of the process before being transported into mixing machines.

By utilizing the Air Assist technology, material handling companies can control the air pressure, speed and rate at which material products are transported, in addition to reducing the amount of air used. This ensures fragile or abrasive products are moved at slow speeds and also lessens the chances of materials clogging up the system. Furthermore, the solution prevents certain problems associated with traditionally used systems. These include high pressure in the line, the inability to control the conveying phase and a very high final expansion of the air which can result in high product speeds and the possibility of damaged materials.

“The revolutionary Air Assist utilizes artificial intelligence technology to recognize when it is necessary for air to push [materials], or when it is not necessary for the air to push [materials],” commented Giuseppe Furfaro, business developer, NTE Process. “This helps in two ways; to not break the material, but to also reduce the consumption of air which is very important.”

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