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New high-speed dynamic tire pressure sensor
XSensor Technology Corporation - Stand 1010

XSensor’s high-speed tire sensor systems can capture accurate high-resolution tire footprint images in fully dynamic conditions. Advanced tire interface pressure measurements at speeds over 140km/h and various inclination angles and inflation pressures will provide a fuller understanding of tire performance. The new HX510 series sensor solutions are designed, manufactured, and factory-calibrated at XSensor’s ISO 17025 accredited facilities.

The sensors can be combined with the company’s Pro Tire software, which gives engineers the tools to better understand tire mechanics at speed and optimise tire footprint performance. The software is able to record 2D and 3D tire pressure images, and calculate lengths, ratios, contact areas, gross contact areas and groove area fractions. Pro Tire supports adjustment of applied measurement lines, and automatically recalculates measurements. It allows users to display up to three position images at once, complete with summary statistics and measurements.

Stand: 1010

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