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Siemens incorporates multiphysics process models into tire manufacturing digital twins

Digitalization is an important trend in tire production. To meet demand from customers, Siemens is presenting a broad digital enterprise portfolio for the whole value chain at Tire Technology Expo. Specifically for tire manufacturers and machine builders, the company has enhanced the capabilities of its digital twins for tire production machines and plants. The most significant development is the incorporation of multiphysics process models in addition to mechatronics models, allowing for greater efficiency and advanced process monitoring on production lines.

As Peter Haan, global head of vertical market management for the tire industry at Siemens, explained, “Digital twins are nothing new for Siemens and we have been doing them for years. But what is new this year is the integration of Amesim, which allows you to parameterize the steam package [of a press], incorporating tube sizes, the steam pressure and temperature inputs, and define the entire system.”

The incorporation of process modeling not only allows for greater optimization of machinery during the design and commissioning phase but also enables the models to be exported and run on edge devices on the factory floor. This allows the ideal simulated process parameters to be compared directly with the physical process while a line is running, so that any issues can be quickly identified, improving both efficiency and production quality while also increasing the effectiveness of preventative maintenance programs.

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