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Improved cord cabling
Schubert & Salzer - Stand 7088

Visit Schubert & Salzer’s stand to be convinced of the benefits of the company’s sliding gate valves. According to Schubert & Salzer, this type of valve has a superior service life compared with globe control valves by a factor of seven. They boast high control accuracy, allowing for shorter press cycle times in tire curing presses.

The heart of the sliding gate valve is composed of two slotted disks that slide on top of each other and are sealed relative to each other. This area seal is less susceptible to faults than the ring seal typically used in globe valves. Schubert & Salzer says usual leakage rates are less than 0.0001% of the Kvs value.

In addition to the low consumption of energy and compressed air, the company claims another inherent advantage of the sliding gate valve: the maximum control stroke of the sliding gate valve is only 9mm. This not only results in short actuation paths and short switching times, it also means that the spindle sealing and pneumatic actuator are operated very gently. As a result, both are subject to considerably less stress, resulting in longer service life.

Stand: 7088

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