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Laser cleaning
4JET Technologies GmbH Stand 8040

Lasers can be used for numerous applications in modern tire plants, including the cleaning of moulds, tools and fixtures, paint and coating removal, and pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, gluing or coating. 4JET’s latest generation of its Jetlaser is suitable for all of them. Available in power levels of 200W and 500W, these fibre-coupled, maintenance-free, solid-state lasers are suitable for use in a robot system and for manual operation – the 3D printed enclosures of the handheld device mean it is very lightweight.

The Jetlaser was developed with ergonomics and safety in mind, which is why the end effector of the symmetrical 4JET system is based on two-hand operation that allows for more comfortable operation.

This model represents a handheld entry-level solution for customers who have a diverse range of cleaning tasks or low production volumes. In case requirements grow, 4JET also offers more advanced solutions for customised, fully automated processing systems.

Stand: 8040

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