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Sustainable elastomers on show to improve compound performance

Versalis is using Tire Technology Expo to exhibit its latest sustainable elastomer materials. These include the next-generation fn-S-SBR developed for a stronger polymer-filler interaction, and a new high-cis BR with a specially designed structure to improve overall compound performance.

To improve sustainability, bio, bio-circular and circular feedstocks can be utilized instead of traditional fossil feedstocks at the refinery stage. Furthermore, the variable content of the bio, bio-circular and circular feedstocks is provided by applying the mass balance approach to styrene and butadiene monomers.
The polymers are ISCC PLUS certified and benefit from the same performance, quality and properties as traditional products. This negates the need for new tests, new product development, technology adaptations, registration and regulatory approvals.

Experiments showed that when the polymers were mixed according to a typical silica tread solution rich in functionalized S-SBR, all the major traction properties improved when replacing SOL R 72616 with the new fn-S-SBR grade.

Besides the predicted reduction in rolling resistance to improve compound sustainability, the new grades are bio-attributed via the mass balance approach.

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