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SMC Deutschland GmbH - Stand 9064

To facilitate communication between all the individual systems in a modern tire plant – particularly between the master and the sensor/actuator – SMC has created an IO link-based, systematic approach. Its complete IO link systems are available in all high protection classes (IP67) and promise greater transparency, flexibility and production efficiency.

In addition, the company will showcase a solution for the problem of rotation tables and robot arms getting in the way of their wiring harnesses. The fieldbus nodes in the EX600-W series allow any tool to be wirelessly integrated into superordinate automation systems, with a power-on connection time of just 0.25 seconds. The wireless fieldbus nodes are equipped with a maximum of 1,280 inputs and outputs and can control up to 127 slaves. With a radius of 10m, the wireless connection is able to completely cover even large-scale facilities. The EX600-W bus systems support the Ethernet/IP and Profinet common network protocols to enable connections to superordinate controls.

Finally, SMC will be presenting VEX1500/1700 standby valves, which are designed to drastically reduce energy consumption, especially during brief, recurring equipment stoppages. They lower the amount of compressed air lost to leaks at full operating pressure, and the equipment returns to operating pressure from standby within seconds. This is ideal in the event of tool changes, shift changes, planned or unplanned maintenance and equipment malfunctions, but also offers benefits when machines are stopped for longer periods, such as overnight or at the weekend.

Stand: 9064

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