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Ultrasonic tire cutting technology reduces maintenance costs
Herrmann Ultraschall

Herrmann Ultraschall is showcasing its latest Ultrasonic Cutting Technology at this year’s Tire Technology Expo.

The company has unveiled an ultrasonic tire cutting machine at the expo which features a specially designed cutting tool capable of vibrating 20,000 times per second.

Unlike standard mechanical cuts where tooling wears out quickly and has to be replaced, the Ultrasonic Cutting Technology carries out gentle, angled micro cuts during tire production, resulting in a tooling lifespan of more than two years.

“Standard mechanical tools have to be replaced often. For this reason, it is very economical to use this technology,” explained Markus Haas, sales director for plastics in Asia, Herrmann Ultraschall. “We went to the extreme and used the best functioning [tooling] for a long lifetime, because then you don’t have to worry about your production, and you know it is working. We verified this with a customer and after two and a half years he is using the same tool. There is a lot of money saving [as] the cost per cut gets down to zero.”

Having transitioned from the food cutting industry into the tire sector, Haas added, “We learned about the potential for rubber cutting when walking through the show two years ago and I said we should invest more brain power into this [technology]. So, we created a test bed and analyzed [ways to] make the process more reliable and more stable.”

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