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VMI brings speed and efficiency to bead apexing at the expo

With tire manufacturers having to manage an ever-increasing number of tire specifications, they face significant challenges to maintain output at required levels when batches get shorter and more size changes have to be made at every step of the process. This calls for flexible solutions that allow smaller production runs with the lowest cost per tire.

This is where VMI’s flexible production platforms and the company’s creative use of data and analytics come into play, allowing for straight-through production with minimal stops for material handling, and enabling manufacturers to build precisely what the market requires.

One system the company is showcasing at Tire Technology Expo is Revolute, which is designed to complement its existing bead apexing solution. Shortlisted for a TTI Award for Innovation and Excellence, the system speeds up production time per item to double that of the next best-performing system while also increasing performance in other ways, such as a higher apex than any other system on the market and the ability to accommodate a greater variety of compounds.

Revolute enables shorter changeover times, with much less operator intervention and greater use of recipe-driven methods. As a result, waste is reduced, quality is more consistent and processes are made more efficient, resulting in increased flexibility and improved competitiveness. VMI’s engineers are also on hand to discuss the company’s entire range of tire manufacturing equipment.

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