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Danfoss’s one-stop hydraulic power solution for tire manufacturers on display

Danfoss is shining a spotlight on its Vickers by Danfoss HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) at Tire Technology Expo. The HPU is a complete hydraulic system for tire manufacturing machinery supplied in a single, comprehensive and convenient package.

“We are showing an example of an HPU for tire production presses, alongside a variety of variable and fixed piston pumps and customizable proportional valves,” said Armin Steinmann, a sales manager at Danfoss Power Solutions.

With hydraulic components for extrusion, molding, pressing, forming and rolling machines central to performance and reliability at tire production plants around the world, Danfoss has looked to meet the evolving needs of producers. To this end, the HPU is available with a raft of customization options and supplied with a full suite of components to complete the system, including pumps, motors, drives, valves, fittings, connectors, hoses, filters and electrical components. Notably, Danfoss also engineers the packages to meet regional variations in regulations, such as those controlling energy consumption and noise levels.

Available in a variety of sizes, the Vickers pumps offer the choice of piston, gear or vane pump to meet specific process demands such as pressure, noise and speed. Another core element of the HPU package is the Danfoss VSD (Variable Speed Drive), which is increasingly being used for on-demand control of motors for hydraulic machine applications. “With the variable-speed pumps, you can ensure you only have the power you need at a machine, which is very important in new plants where energy efficiency is key,” added Steinmann.

For example, an ideal application of a VSD is in a vertical tire press. When the press closes during the vulcanization process, the VSD reduces motor speed, in turn curtailing the speed of the hydraulic pump. As well as producing energy savings of up to 40%, without the motor and pump running continuously it is possible to reduce heat, vibration and noise. Cooler operation can facilitate the downsizing or elimination of oil cooling systems, while smoother operation can translate to longer component life and potentially even improve product quality.

Danfoss also has a variety of fluid conveyance solutions on show, such as fittings, connectors and tubes to connect everything in the HPU package. In particular, the Waltech-Walform series offers a reliable, leak-free design, ideal for high-pressure, high-vibration applications where safety is crucial. Also available is the Aeroquip by Danfoss EC881 hydraulic hose, which offers high-pressure capabilities in combination with unrivaled cycle life and 50% better bend radius than EN standard hose.

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