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Advanced printer systems
REA Elektronik GmbH - Stand 2028

Visitors looking for upgraded coding and marking systems should stop by REA’s stand, where the company will present new generations of a number of its products. The REA Jet Titan universal operating platform has been developed to support the DOD 2.0 large-character inkjet printer, the new SC 2.0 CIJ small-character inkjet printer and ST spray mark technology systems. As it is universal for all machines, it is very easy to understand and operate, removing the need for training and reducing the risk of human error.

The company will also present a new version of its large-character inkjet printer system. The DOD 2.0 CIJ doubles its predecessor’s speed to 600m/min, while also increasing durability. With a resolution of up to 48 pixels, logos and multi-line text can be printed with excellent quality. Particularly good marking results are achieved on smooth surfaces, and drying times are extremely short.

Stand: 2028

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