Your Health & Well-Being and Coronavirus Update

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 that has to-date has been contained almost entirely within mainland China, UKi Media & Events, the organizers of Tire Technology Expo, are nonetheless introducing a number of measures to help ensure the health and well-being of our visitors. These measures are set out below.

  • We are requesting ALL visitors to the expo to confirm that they have NOT been to China in the 17 days prior to their arrival at the show. This is a unilateral declaration that we are requesting from everyone coming to the event, regardless of country of origin. There will be sufficient staff available to ensure a smooth and quick verification process, and the same verification will also be available online prior to you coming to Hannover.

  • Everyone attending the 2020 show will be asked to make the following declaration: "I have no indications to suggest that I am a potential carrier of flu, pneumonia or coronavirus".

  • There will be signs outlining good health, hygiene, and precautionary measures to take during the show that relate to your own well-being and that of others with whom you come into contact. This includes advice on hand shaking and using gels for hand sanitization, plus information on good hand washing practices. All visitors will receive a paper carrier bag which will contain the official Showguide and Conference Program, and hand gel.

  • All entry processes will be wi-fi-based, enabling attendees who have not pre-registered to obtain their entry pass/badge using their own handheld devices. All keyboards will be operated exclusively by our own staff, as will any badge-issuing machines.

If you have already pre-registered to attend the expo, you will shortly receive a self-validation form which must be completed. If you are registering while we are amending the website in order to self-certify at the same time as registering, then please complete all sections of the form at the outset. You will receive a green Health Certified Pass on completion of the online forms.

The organizers of Tire Technology Expo reserve the right to not allow entry to the Expo and its conferences to anybody with a raised temperature or showing symptoms of the common cold, flu, or any other potentially communicable respiratory illness. Please respect the well-being and comfort of others. If you are not well and have symptoms as above, please do not come to the Expo.