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Wim Hendricx

Wim Hendricx graduated as mechanical engineer in 1985 at the KU Leuven (Belgium) and joined the services division of LMS International, now part of Siemens Industry Software. At LMS Engineering, he started as project manager in the field of NVH, became team leader of the measurement division and now he is responsible for the business development. During the past years, he has been involved in many tire-related engineering projects for OEMs and tire manufacturers. Focus hereby was on tire acoustic measurements and simulation.


From road profile to prediction of rolling tire-induced noise

With vehicle electrification, tire rolling noise is becoming one of the most important sources of cabin interior noise. To enable early-stage NVH performance optimization at the tire and vehicle level in a virtual manner, an efficient frequency domain approach has been developed. True measured road characteristics are converted to inputs for the tire patch through a smart envelopment method. These patch inputs, applied to a novel CAE concept tire model that represents the tire at a given rolling speed, enable the prediction of resulting wheel forces and from there the vehicle interior noise.