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Raúl Romano

Raul has been working in Repsol for the last 19 years, mainly dealing with products for rubber applications. During 10 years he was in charge of Repsol’s blending plant in Palencia gaining vast expertise in rubber industry products manufacturing process such as anti-ozone waxes and extender oils. Since 2019, he is working as Technical Assistance and Development manager, giving support to the commercial area in the rubber business and developing new products to meet present and future needs of the industry, specially focused in sustainable solutions.


Repsol's new sustainable process oil for tires: Bioextensoil

Repsol wants to be a part of the solution to climate change, helping customers to achieve their sustainability goals. We have developed a new line of sustainable oils: Bioextensoil, a 100% bio-origin oil coming from biorefinery by-products. Tread tire S-SBR/BR was extended with Bioextensoil and its performance was compared with S-SBR extended with conventional oils: TDAE, RAE and naphthenic. The vulcanization process, mechanical properties, mechano-dynamic properties and Payne effect have all been studied. The results show a high plasticizing effect and excellent performance at very low temperatures. Repsol sustainable oil, Bioextensoil, is an interesting option for tire rubber formulations, with good prospects for winter tires.