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Lutz Kirchner

Lutz Kirchner joined Rain Carbon in May 2021 as a technician for Rubber Application. Before, he has worked for another raw material supplier and a rubber goods producer. He completed his study in Chemical Engineering in 1992.


Influence of indene resins on sulfur vulcanization in tire treads

Indene resins are widely used in rubber compounds, especially in tires. The resin distinguishes itself by the special interaction with elementary sulfur as well as sulfuric compounds used for vulcanization, offering chances for great improvement of rubber properties, but also bearing challenges during processing. This study gives a deep inside view on the relationship between curing properties influenced by the indene resin and the mechanical behavior of the rubber. Particularly the interaction between different silane coupling agents and indene resins in silica filled tread compounds will be put in the spotlight and analyzed in detail.