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Hitesh Joshi

Hitesh is currently working as head of R&D for passenger vehicle tires (APMEA) for Apollo Tyres, based in Chennai, India. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and served for almost a decade in Europe for Apollo Tyres at Enschede R&D in the Netherlands and in Hungary.


Redefining the magic triangle for the EV era with case studies

The electric revolution in the automobile industry is picking up the pace and is the driving force for the tire industry to move toward the next level of design and manufacturing capability. Tire performances are being pushed to the limits with ultra-low RR, high traction, low levels of NVH and uncompromised wear performance requirements. The presentation will be on how the stringent performance requirements are bringing in more contradiction and complexity (low RRC with low tire weight is contradicting NVH performance such as structure-borne noise), the approach that has been taken and case studies on NVH improvement.