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Guido Napolitano Dell'Annunziata

Guido graduated in mechanical engineering from the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. He is currently a PhD student in industrial engineering, with a particular focus on the vehicle dynamics field. The main aim of his research activities is to evaluate and predict vehicle performance using several vehicle and tire models, powered with acquisitions obtained from outdoor and indoor test sessions. His research is focused on all the main aspects relating to performance optimization, such as tire-road interaction phenomena, tire properties characterization, driving style identification and road roughness study.


Road roughness characterization impacting on tire friction predictions

In previous decades, great attention was paid to developing models able to reproduce tire behavior in the most accurate way. To fully understand what happens during their interaction with the road, it is strictly necessary to properly characterize this, and its roughness. The innovative methodology presented, based on experimental campaigns carried out with different devices and thanks to dedicated test benches, is aimed to accurately determine in which ways tracks solicit tires during motion. Knowing this, it is possible to evaluate tire viscoelastic properties in real operating conditions, taking a concrete step forward in friction modeling.