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Öznur Bilge Kavacik

Öznur graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2018. She completed her Msc in polymer science and technology in 2022 at Kocaeli University, researching the development of self-healing bromobutyl rubber formulations by using nanomaterials and mixing technologies. Öznur has been working as a compound development engineer in the R&D department of Brisa since 2018, developing her expertise in rubber compounding and sustainability solutions.


Development of self-healing butyl rubber formulations

Requirements of the tire industry have determined developments in extending the life of the tire. The effect of temperature and time experimental parameters on the self-healing behavior of bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) in the presence of functionalized silica-based nanoparticles was investigated in this study. The rheological properties of the compounds were determined by moving die rheometer (MDR) and Mooney tests. Evaluation of the self-healing property of rubber compounds was carried out by mechanical and morphological analysis.