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Tire Technology Expo – the premier showcase for the global tire design, development and manufacturing industry – continues its spectacular growth of recent years. The 2017 event, held for the second time at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover in February, was the 17th since the show’s foundation and the biggest yet, with 280 exhibiting companies, more than 600 conference and course attendees, and a three-day visitor and delegate total that nudged the 5,000 level for the second year running.

“Remarkably, within 15 minutes of opening the doors on the first morning, it was obvious that Tire Technology Expo 2017 was going to be even better than our best-ever show in 2016,” said Tony Robinson, CEO of UKI Media & Events and founder of Tire Technology Expo. “I’ve been delighted with the number of visitors from all over the world. The exhibitors were happy, but equally importantly, the visitors were very happy because the show was full of the latest technologies and materials that people are looking for.”

Visitor Jukka Koskinen, development manager at Nokian Heavy Tyres, said, “Every year I make time in my calendar to attend the show. I visited many companies that I was interested in and I made strong contacts – all the manufacturers were there and it’s easy to find out answers to any questions that we may have.”

Philippe Boone, engineering manager at Bridgestone, commented, “It’s good to investigate things in detail and discuss our concerns from the plant, because in this day and age we don’t really have much time to do this. We also attended the conference and it was an ideal opportunity to learn about where the industry is going.”

Exhibitors were delighted with the quality of the visitors stopping by their stands to check out the latest products, services and technologies. “We would like to build bridges between the additive manufacturing industries and the tire industry, and there was an excellent mix of people at the show, including customers, suppliers and R&D experts,” explained Augustin Niavas, business development manager at EOS.

“I was also a speaker in the conference,” Niavas continued. “I found it very exciting to learn what people are working on – I think we will definitely find a partner for additive manufacturing. I was also interested to learn about concepts of what tires will look like in 10 years and the challenges of the industry, such as how tires can contribute to the reduction of vehicle emissions.”

Exhibitor Frank Lueckgen, director for tire and specialty rubbers, global marketing of tires, Arlanxeo, said, “The combination of presentations and attendees was good – visitors were very diverse, from procurement to technical services and R&D. There were also many companies from all over the world, including the USA and Asia.

“This year we had more traffic to our stand and we engaged in some very fruitful discussions. It was particularly interesting for us to learn that many companies are working on new SSBRs, and this shows me where the manufacturers are heading. As a raw material supplier we believe we should be looking to work more with the equipment producers and we also had many discussions about this.”

Tire Technology Expo always plays host to important new product, technology and company announcements, and this year was no exception. Solvay took the wraps off its latest silica for tire manufacture, Premium SW. Winter tire test specialist, Test World, used its presentation to the Scientific and Technical Conference (joined this year by the new Business Strategy Conference) to preview the construction of three new indoor test tracks at its Ivalo, Finland proving ground. Mesnac subsidiary, TMSI, used the show to present its brand-new DFPM footprint measurement system, and Bartell Machinery Systems demonstrated its groundbreaking BeadView non-contact bead inspection system to expo visitors.

Important technology trends such as the use of virtual reality for plant planning and staff training, Industry 4.0 and the adoption of 3D printing for tire mould manufacture, also featured strongly in the exhibition. And the best that the tire industry has to offer was rewarded in the Tire Technology International Awards, presented at a Gala Dinner at the end of Day 2. Winners this year included Bridgestone, Continental and Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Another visitor to the show, Mahmoud Assaad, senior R&D associate at Goodyear Tire & Rubber, commented, “It’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies and to meet people face to face, because talking via the internet or on the phone is totally different. This year the show was bigger in general and there were more exhibitors – it met and exceeded my expectations.”

News from the second day


Evonik reveals results of silica/silane coupling research

Evonik is impressing visitors with its high-performance silica/silane coupling technology. In a recent study the company examined the potential environmental impact of green tire treads containing silica/silane and S-SBR compared with treads made with carbon black and E-SBR – not only during the use phase, but throughout the entire lifecycle.

The study analysed impact categories such as global warming potential, the photochemical ozone creation potential and the primary energy demands. The functional unit was defined as the use of silica/silane and S-SBR in treads of passenger car tires over a driving distance of 150,000km. Additionally, a sensitivity analysis of gasoline consumption, fuel savings and tire lifetime was conducted.

According to the study, silica/silane technology used in green tires greatly reduces emissions and environmental impacts in the basic scenario in any analysed impact category considered relevant. Consequently, global warming potential can be reduced by 4.9% in total over the whole lifecycle; by replacing carbon black and E-SBR with silica/silane and S-SBR, emissions of up to 1.4 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per 150,000km driving distance can be avoided.

To learn more about Evonik’s silica/silane technology, visitors can head to booth C816 at Tire Technology Expo 2017.
The show is open until Thursday, February 16.

Bartell demonstrates BeadView tech in Hannover

Catching the eye at the front of Bartell Machinery Systems’ stand – and proudly displaying its Tire Technology International Awards ‘Finalist’ status – was the latest BeadView non-contact bead inspection system, said to be the world’s first such measurement tool.

The optical images from two cameras – one mounted vertically to measure diameter, one horizontally for height – are coalesced using bespoke software to provide a highly accurate image of the bead ring under inspection, all within a couple of seconds. Preset targets and tolerance values, even including a weight if required, are then referenced for a simple green/red pass/fail indication on the display.

“Measurement data can be saved, uploaded and analysed to establish quality trends,” explained Bartell’s Shawn Lawlor. Currently, several bead units will typically be inspected offline per batch, but Bartell is working towards automating the process and integrating the technology into its apexing line. “We want to learn from customer experiences in the field and apply that knowledge to the next generation,” he added.

The first two units were sold late last year, and considerable further interest has been shown in the system in early 2017.

To learn more about Evonik’s silica/silane technology, visitors can head to booth C816 at Tire Technology Expo 2017. The show is open until Thursday, February 16.

Virtual reality support option from Bosch Rexroth

Through its new Hägglunds InSight Live service, Bosch Rexroth is providing plant operators with a solution that enables remote support for in-house maintenance teams anywhere in the world.

InSight Live facilitates instant support through the use of virtual reality (VR), helping to reduce the customer’s risks and cost of ownership. With an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop, customers of Hägglunds Drives can get direct support from Rexroth product and application experts. The company notes that the Insight Live platform is designed to work with limited bandwidth and mobile connectivity and can provide a powerful virtual reality real-time support.

When they require on-site support, customer engineers contact the Bosch Rexroth service team and start the app. The app immediately establishes an audio-visual connection to the correct product or application specialist. With the appropriate type of service agreement, specialists are available for all service queries regarding Hägglunds heavy-duty drives. They can see everything the customer engineer can see and in return, by way of an intelligent platform, can also superimpose their hands, tools, documents and diagrams on top of the image displayed to the customer engineer. This enables them to show where the engineer can find the needed information and guide him or her through diagnosis and solution.

Visitors can head to booth 7060 at Tire Technology Expo 2017.

Milliken’s Tegris material finding new applications

Milliken’s stand is one of the first that greets visitors as they enter Tire Technology Expo 2017, and the company is reporting a successful show so far. “We’ve had a lot of traffic coming into the stand,” said Howard Haselden, technical service and development manager for Milliken reinforcements. “We’re very pleased, and have already booked a bigger stand for next year.”

A large drum wound with Milliken’s Tegris material is an eye-catcher on the front of the stand. Tegris is a woven and pressed polypropylene that’s said to be highly durable and very strong. Typically used in the tire industry as a process liner, for example to feed rubber into a TBM, rubber spacer strips are now being added at the edges for precise material feeding and reduced risk of material damage. The new developments come at the request of customers, which include tire manufacturers and machinery suppliers such as VMI.

Haselden added that Tegris’s excellent release properties, even from sticky rubber, make it well suited to its task. A patch repair is also a relatively simple undertaking in the very rare event of a crack appearing in the polypropylene.

Show attendees can visit booth C100 to see Tegris for themselves.

Footprint measurement machine makes show debut

A highlight of the Mesnac stand at Tire Technology Expo 2017 is the Dynamic Footprint Machine (DFPM) developed by Akron-based subsidiary, TMSI.

The first such machine is nearing completion and due to be delivered to its customer around the end of May this year. Director of sales and marketing, John Jobe, reported that the DFPM is attracting the interest of independent labs and tire companies for its flexibility: the device is able to handle PCR tires right up to small OTR tires. The development of a larger, OTR-specific version is also being considered.

Interest has been further boosted by machine’s shortlisting in the Tire Technology of the Year category in the Tire Technology International Awards, which are being presented this evening (15 February).

A variety of measurements can be performed on the 16m-long machine, including the use of 36 Pottinger-style probes to accurately measure the ‘shear energy’ expended at each point on the tread, and video analysis of the footprint at high slip angles. There’s also a six-axis load cell on the spindle for load and deflection testing at ±30 degrees of slip.

Visitors can learn more about DFPM by visiting booth 3056.

Footprint measurement machine makes show debut

Italian materials handling specialist, Cassioli, is attracting attention with live demonstrations of its electric monorail system (EMS) for green tire handling, and the new gantry machine to transfer finished tires to a storage area.

EMS operates up to 4m above ground to provide clearance over machines, and shuttles green tires from storage areas to curing presses. Recently upgraded, it has new features that include SEW servomotors for more precise control, and improved wi-fi communications for reduced risk of signal interference between shuttles and the system management.

Meanwhile, the new gantry system is the latest part of Cassioli’s ‘tire move’ solution. It builds on the company’s expertise from other industries, such as white goods. On receiving the finished product from the production line, it reads the tire’s barcode and then sorts and stacks it appropriately in the storage area.

Key account manager, Giorgio Gori, reported that Cassioli is expecting a very successful year, with lots of RFQs already received. “We have already made lots of interesting contacts at the show,” he said.

Visitors can learn more about DFPM by visiting booth 6070.

Fantastic first day for Tire Technology Expo!

Tire Technology Expo opened its doors this morning in Hannover, Germany, and already it’s clear that the show will be the biggest such event yet, with 280 exhibiting companies, more than 600 conference and course attendees, and a total of more than 5,000 visitors and delegates expected in the Deutsche Messe’s Hall 2 over the next three days.


“As a show organiser, you’re always concerned that your latest expo may not be as good as your last,” said Tony Robinson, CEO of UKI Media & Events and founder of Tire Technology Expo. “Remarkably, within 15 minutes of opening the doors this morning, it was obvious that Tire Technology Expo 2017 was going to be even better than our best-ever show in 2016. I’m delighted with the number of visitors from all over the world who’ve come into the exhibition hall right at the beginning of the show. It’s very busy and the exhibitors are happy, but equally importantly, the visitors are very happy. The show is full of the latest technologies and materials that people are looking for.”

Running alongside the expo are the established Scientific and Technical Conference and the new Business Strategy Conference. In a joint session, Dr Stuart Cook, director of research at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre in the UK, opened the conferences with a packed Robert William Thomson lecture on the history of natural rubber’s use in tires. That was followed by absorbing keynote speeches from Dr Bernd Löwenhaupt of SRI Europe, Cooper Tire’s Chuck Yurkovich, and Pierre Fraisse from Michelin.

Tire Technology Expo and Conference is now in its 17th year, and goes from strength to strength. “When I started the show, people said we’d have difficulty amassing more than a few hundred people from the tire industry in one place at one time,” added Tony Robinson. “Now we’re heading for more than 5,000. It’s fantastic!”

Avery Dennison and Ferm RFID launch new tread label

At Ferm RFID Solutions’ stand, the company is showcasing its revolutionary new universal tread label with worldwide RFID functionality, which enables entire pallets of tires to be read in a single pass.

The new product, jointly developed with Avery Dennison, is said to provide benefits across the whole supply chain, from manufacturing quality control through to distribution, storage and point-of-sale.

Ferm RFID Solutions co-founder Jos Uijlenbroek, said, “This label uses copper wire antenna technology and is compatible with all UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 global RFID standards, enabling easier access to different markets. We wanted to ensure reliable performance in every kind of environment, and this label copes with all tire types – for example, tires with high carbon black or steel content. The RFID reading distance is the same for car, truck or aircraft tires, and functions such as bulk reading of entire pallets are straightforward.”

The new RFID tread label technology enables up to 150 tires to be read simultaneously, at a distance of up to 7m, with more dependable performance, lower error rates and reduced tire wastage. The RFID antenna has been designed so it cannot be disconnected from the RFID chip. It is attached using a special tire label adhesive, with high coat weight and low-bleed gum pattern, which supports production-friendly label conversion and gives reliable labelling results.

Visit Ferm RFID Solutions at Stand C418 at Tire Technology Expo 2017. The show is open until Thursday, 16 February.

Marangoni announces distribution partnership
in Sweden

It’s a busy show for Marangoni Retreading Systems, which recently announced the expansion of its market presence in Scandinavia, thanks to a new partnership with Däcknor, one of Sweden’s leading retreaders.

Marangoni’s Ringtread system is said to have already received extremely positive feedback from Däcknor’s customers.

Magnus Elverum, CEO of the Swedish company, commented, “We felt the need to further upgrade and differentiate our product range in order to meet future challenges on the highly competitive Swedish market. With Ringtread we have enlarged our product offering based on the most advanced retreading technology, modern tread patterns and very high quality.”

Tire Technology Expo visitors can head to Marangoni’s stand (4046) to find out more about the company’s tire building technologies.

High-speed, high-resolution inspection sensors from
LMI Technologies

On display at the LMI Technologies stand are the company’s new high-tech Gocator 2430/40 sensor models, designed for high-speed, high-resolution rubber and tire inspection. Gocator provides complete, high-density 3D profiles of tire geometry and sidewall surfaces for defect detection.

The LMI team is also discussing its range of FactorySmart sensors, which use 3D technologies for fast, accurate, reliable inspection.

These products are designed to be different from contact-based measurement or 2D vision, removing complexity and dramatically reducing implementation costs, while achieving repeatable, highly accurate measurement.

LMI Technologies is at booth 6006 at Tire Technology Expo 2017.

Virtual reality simulator draws crowds to Intralox’s booth

Visitors to Tire Technology Expo are being given a unique opportunity to experience Intralox’s range of products through a virtual reality simulator.

This includes the company’s activated roller belt technology, the zero tangent radius belt, the transverse roller top belt, and its no-touch accumulation solutions.

These conveyance systems are designed for sorting and merging and enable configurations with 90° and 180° turns, inclines and straight conveyance. They can be used in tire plants from mixing through to the final finishing area.

Technologies such as touchless diverting for green tire sorting and merging and high-speed touchless accumulation for green and finished tires enable improved efficiency and productivity in factories.

Intralox can be found at Stand 5016 at Tire Technology Expo 2017.

New RF-free dip coating formulations from Mehler

First-time exhibitor Mehler Engineered Products is showcasing its advanced RF-free dip coating formulations, consisting of VP, SBR, NBR and CR latex dispersions along with water-dispersible resin and cross-linkers.

These water-based, environmentally friendly dip coating formulations are applied in a single dipping process to pre-activated PET and aramid yarns and fabric reinforcements, providing enhanced adhesion to NR/SBR, NR, NBR, EPDM and CR rubber compounds.

Mehler is also taking the opportunity to highlight its expanded product portfolio using innovative new raw materials including carbon composites, Vectran, wire, bio-polymers and glass.

In future, with the introduction of hybrid yarns, Mehler Engineered Products says it aims to develop more customised solutions for these specific applications.

Experts are on hand at booth C116 to discuss the company’s latest technologies.

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