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WirelessPower21 - Tire Technology Expo Stand C504

Attempts to mount and operate devices inside rotating tires have been difficult to realize due to device size limitations, insufficient battery capacity, and the potential for damage to the power supply wiring. Exhibitor WirelessPower21 will use the show as a platform to highlight its solution that can wirelessly transmit constant power, enabling successful operation of these devices.

With wireless power transfer technology, device size and weight limitations, and battery capacity shortages associated with traditional power supply systems are eliminated. This enables a variety of devices such as sensors and electric load systems to be installed inside the tire for long-term operation. In particular, the power supply can be installed directly on the body of the vehicle, not on the road.

Tire Technology Expo Stand C504

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Future Show: Tire Technology Expo 2019, 5-7 March 2019, Halls 19/20/21, Hannover, Germany
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