Call for Papers

The organisers of the 18th Tire Technology Expo Conference are calling for technical and scientific presentations. The language of the conference will be English, and 20-25 minutes will be available for each presentation.

Speakers will have free access to the full conference programme plus an invitation to be our guest at the Gala Dinner, where the annual Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence will be presented.


  • Increasing the value of the tire through better science
  • Tire design and the future of transport
  • Future tire manufacturing technology
  • The non-destructive testing and evaluation of rubber materials and tires
  • The science of polymers and raw materials for higher-value tires
  • The non-contact identification and monitoring of tires in service.
  • The modelling of tire performance from material molecular structure to vehicle on-road testing and performance in service
  • Advances in tire manufacturing and the evaluation of the finished product
  • The next-generation view of the future of tire science
  • Developments in cords and steel wire for enhanced tire performance
  • Tire evaluation for regulation monitoring and the future demands for tighter tire regulation and evaluation
  • New materials for improved tire performance
  • Research for sustainable and replenishable tire materials

Interested in participating?

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Please note that we will not be including any corporate profile-type presentations.

Please do not include trade names or trademarks within presentation titles.

As visitors attend from all over the world, all presentations must be given in English.

For further details, contact:

Mark Fenner, conference director

Tel: +44 1306 743744
Fax: +44 1306 877411

Please note: Your final full PowerPoint presentation will not be required until 15 January 2018