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Tire Technology Expo 2016 Exhibitor Interviews


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Harm Voortman, CEO, VMI Group, Netherlands, who launches the company’s new truck tire building machine MILEXX, an innovative platform that is the result of a three-year development programme. Manufactured in line with VMI MAXX technology principles, MILEXX features several unique technical innovations including an unrivalled high capacity close to 700 tires per day, improved tire quality resulting in a greatly reduced amount of rejects and scrap, higher automation level and less operator interference.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Florian Mattheis, global account team leader, Intralox LLC, Netherlands, who discusses the company’s latest developments on display at the show, including the Series 2100 Zero Tangent Radius Belt, which enables manufacturers to maximise available floor space and delivers enhanced conveyor reliability and improved product performance.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Jörn Seevers, executive vice president, Harburg-Freudenberger, Germany, a world-leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of mixing, extrusion, tire construction and curing presses. He discusses how HF is exceeding customer demands for greater modularity, improved lead times and faster delivery times, and comments on the recent expansion of the company’s production facilities in Croatia and Slovakia, which has come about as a result of increased orders.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 video interview with Mike Sanislo, global VP of RFID, Computype, USA, who talks about how the company’s latest RFID advanced tire identification and tracking is helping manufacturers identify, track and manage tires throughout the production and distribution process, increasing read rates and cutting costs.

SMC Pneumatic

Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Björn Prinz, manager sales development, SMC Pneumatic, Germany, a first-time exhibitor at the show. He discusses the company, which is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology with an outstanding reputation in many industrial fields including automotive, foodstuffs, energy, electronics, packaging and life sciences, and gives us an explanation of a very eye-catching display on the company’s stand.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Stijn Vancompernolle, director global marketing and business development, and Stijn Himpe, VP technology rubber reinforcement, Bekaert, Belgium, the world market leader in steel wire transformation and coatings. They comment on the company’s latest products, including TAWI and super-tensile and ultra-tensile tire cord, which improve both the performance and sustainability of tires.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Zheng Jiangjia, president, Mesnac, China, who discusses the company which, since its inception in 2000, has offered an integrated solution for R&D and manufacturing of rubber machinery, and which walked away with the coveted Tire Technology International Supplier of the Year award in 2016.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Johoon Hur, marketing division manager, Afache, Korea, who discusses the launch of the all-new JLB (jointless belt) cord counter being unveiled for the first time at the show. The counter has been developed to measure in real time the amount of textile cords inside tire belts using 3D camera scanning technology.

Dynasol Group

Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Cesar Perez, sales manager, Dynasol Group, USA, who talks about the 2015 alliance between Kuo and Repsol to create Dynosol, which is now the global leading supplier of synthetic rubber, producing in excess of 435,000 tons a year of material to serve the tire and retread markets in Latin America, North America and China.

SLM Solutions

Tire Technology Expo 2016 video interview with Ralf Frohwerk, director business development automotive and tooling, SLM Solutions, Germany, who talks about the company, a leading worldwide provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, and its products, which are used by customers in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, energy, healthcare and automotive.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Tobias Nittel, technology field manager, SEW-Eurodrive, Germany, a first-time exhibitor at the show, who comments on the company’s mechatronic drive system called Movigear, which impresses with high levels of system efficiency and helps reduce energy costs.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Martin Grosch, head of sales, Herbert, Germany, who comments on the company’s new tire sidewall laser engraving, texturing and lettering technology, which enables 3D or 2D-data textures of any complex structures from geometrical to natural shapes to be applied to the tire sidewall with fully adjustable depth and surface quality.

Kuraray Europe

Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Jörg Oertel, head of BU elastomer, Kuraray Europe, Germany, who discusses the company’s high-viscosity synthetic liquid isoprene rubber and liquid butadiene rubber products, which are colourless, transparent and almost entirely odourless with low VOCs, and which can significantly reduce processing time, while maintaining the compounds’ physical properties.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Christian Léger, silica global business director, Solvay, France, the company responsible for inventing Highly Dispersible Silica. He discusses the firm’s latest development, Efficium, launched at Tire Technology Expo in 2015, which is a versatile and cost-efficient product that is suitable for passenger car and truck applications, and provides significant productivity gains in both mixing and extrusion.

Allma Saurer

Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Karl-Heinz Sandholzer, head of marketing, Saurer, Germany, who discusses the company’s latest advances including the award-winning and patented direct cabling machine, the Allma CableCorder CC4, manufactured for the production of high-quality balanced two-ply tire cord. Benefits include revolutionary production cost savings of up to 50%.


Tire Technology Expo 2016 exhibitor interview with Edson Almeida, general manager, LY-Holding, Germany, who introduces the company’s LKY Dry Ice Robotic technology, which allows for gentle cleaning of tire mould surfaces without abrasion. Additional benefits include the short in-line cleaning process time, which can be reduced to under 30 minutes per mould, and the full mobility and flexibility of the technology, which allows the moulds to be cleaned in-situ on the production line for shorter handling times.

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